Though I am getting some great portraits I’m beginning to wonder who else I can get to sit in front of my camera. There’s a bunch of folks who actually work for a living, and they do it during the time I normally set up at Star Dust. So, I’ve decided to open this project to allow appointments.

If you’d like to let me shoot you, but can’t get here on Mondays or Wednesday’s between 1pm and 5pm just drop me a line ( and let me when you’re available.

There is one limitation, unfortunately. I can only shoot in the afternoon because of that’s when the light in Star Dust is best. Beyond that, it’s all good.

Also, if you’d like to get creative, I’m open to suggestions. I’ll shoot pretty anything you feel comfortable with.




The Wall: Star Dust Coffee Portrait Project

It’s only been two weeks since I started taking portraits at Star Dust Coffee for this project and I’ve already got some great shots. As you can see here.


While these and the others I’ve shot are good, I feel I’m only scratching the surface. I want more daring portraits, shots that really reveals the person in front of the camera.

Its only been two weeks and I’ll be taking portrait until the end of October. Hopefully I’ll get some even better shots.

If you want to sit I’ll take the shot. Almost anything goes.