I Can See Clearly Now: Part 2

Last Tuesday I went in to have the growing cataract in my right eye removed. In the follow-up examination on Wednesday the Dr. said that everything looked good, both eyes were healing nicely and that I would have great vision once the drugs I’m using to keep the swelling and infection in check is done. Right now things are a bit fuzzy, but it’s a marked improvement over what I was seeing before the operation. At least at a distance. Now I need reading glasses to setup close. Before the surgeries I didn’t need them, the odd way the cataract was forming allowed me to see well up close, but distance vision was a blurry mess.

So, I had to buy readers and join so many other in my generation whose eyesight has deteriorated and must wear glasses to read. 

Geez! I’m starting to feel old!!!

OK, maybe only a little. 

Anyway, that’s now behind me. 

On another and entirely different note, I’m really focusing on video creation. I don’t want to call it a hobby because the word makes it not sound as serious as I feel about the endeavor. I want to exploit the equipment I have to its fullest to create videos that tell meaningful stories. It’s more than just shooting pretty clouds and flowers, though there is certainly worth in doing so. I want viewers to see and examine what I see with the same scrutiny and emotions that I experience. That takes a bit of doing and I am no where near where I need to be to accomplish that, but that’s where I’m heading. 

Incoming Storm

If you’ve read my previous posts then you’ll know that I’m currently interested in camping, I want to learn as much as I can and as I learn I want to tell others who are camping neophytes like me everything I’ve picked up. I’ve posted 3 videos so far and am planning my next one, which should be about car camping or maybe glamping. 

If you go to my YouTube Channel and watch my camping related videos you’ll notice right away that I’m not entirely comfortable in front of the camera. I want to change that. Hopefully, as I do more of these videos I’ll feel a bit less self-conscious and more confident as I offer up the tidbits I’ve learned. It should be fun.

On a less than positive note, my application to Peace Corps to help with the FEMA Vaccine Rollout was declined. I’m told they have more than enough volunteers and my application was pending because of my eye surgery. Ah well. It would have been a fun adventure.

I still have my application in to return to Namibia, which should happen sometime this fall. We’ll see how that goes. 

In the meantime…stay tuned.