Stories: Update

Many of you have downloaded and read ‘Carmen’ and ‘Fledglings: Part 1’. Thank you and I hope you’ve enjoyed them. If you haven’t had a chance, head over to my ‘Stories’ ( page and take a look.

Since posting them I’ve posted the rest of ‘Fledglings’, which can be had by paying one dollar. I think it’s obvious I’m not gonna get rich. The dollar will help me pay for the site and make other stories available.

I’ve also just finish recording Part 1 of Fledglings. I’ll start on Part 2 next week. The process of recording audiobooks is an interesting one. I’ve read these stories out loud as part of my editing routine, but when you record it takes on a whole new dimension.

In my first attempt I sounded stiff, wooden and boring. I think that was because that’s how I read it when I’m editing, I’m looking for mistakes. So, I took a second go at it and I think it sounds better. One thing I did find in both sessions is that my voice degrades over time, so I have to break it up and record over several days. My voice seems to last about an hour and a half before it starts crackling. I’m trying to figure out how to help that. After a recording session I’m almost hoarse. I know tea with honey helps, but I need something a bit more aggressive. 

I’m on the fence about releasing Part 1 alone and then charge (US$2.00) for the whole story in audio. I’m reviewing it now and should have it posted sometime next week if I’m going to. Otherwise I’ll wait until I’ve finished the whole story before posting.

Anyway, if you’ve read either or both stories, let me know what you think.

On a different note: Autumn is just around the corner and temps here in Florida will start to cool (I hope!). That means I can get back to producing camping videos! If you haven’t seen some of my earlier video, head on over to my YouTube channel ( and check them out and subscribe. Actually, there’s a nice mix of videos on my channel, from Howtos to travel, and few other projects I’ve worked on. My videos are amateurish, but I enjoy making them. Hope you enjoy watching.

Also, please feel free to pass along the links to my sites to others you feel might be interested.

More to come so…

Stay Tuned.