Blog Test: Prepared to be bored.

I enjoy writing, but I was never much of a blogger. I’ve tried to keep a journal on several occasions, but, like my attempts at learning French and playing the violin, it just never worked out. ( Much to the relief of French speaking music lovers everywhere.) I don’t think it was because I was lazy, seems I’m always busy doing something. And it wasn’t because I had nothing to write about, I’m always meeting interesting people, discovering places and stuff, and generally into all sorts of mischief that could easily be blog fodder. I think my problem with blogging has been that, while I am a somewhat social person, I tend want to share things with the people I know, not the world. So, when I talk about the stuff I do or run into I don’t do it in FaceBook, I do it through text messages or, more rarely, email

Yeah, I know, FaceBook, Twitter, SnapChat and the like is the “New Blog Media”, and using them lets me talk to a bunch of folks at once, and carry on conversations and so on, but I’ve never been a fan of any of them various reasons. However, now that I need to communicate to a lot of people I find that I need to use something like them.

The other part of my problem with blogging is that I’m just not in the habit of journaling, and it’s a habit I need to get into. So, in preparation for my upcoming Peace Corps journey I am attempting to get the blogging memory muscle so that it isn’t quite the chore it seems to be for me. If you are following my blog then you might want to consider waiting until I’ve got something interesting Peace Corps-wise to blog about. Up until I leave in April, this blog may be pretty boring.

Interestingly, the Peace Corps suggests that I journal my experiences before, during, and after my stint in-country. So, blogging is part of my duties as a Peace Corps volunteer. (Who knew?)

Back when I wrote weekly articles about iPhones and such I had a publication process that was a helluva lot of work to get an article published. I don’t want to have to go through that when blogging. (I guess I am a bit lazy!) What I found is that I can write my blog in Notes on my iPad, even include pix, then upload and publish directly to WordPress! Sweet!!

Anyway, this post is my first test of this new process. Be prepared to be bored to tears.


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