Baby Steps…

Those of you who know my plans know that I should be in Tucson right now basking in the presence of my daughter and her family while we await the arrival of my son, who is driving in from Oceanside, later in the week.

Well…, I’m not in Tucson. I’m not basking or waiting. I’m still here in Orlando. As I was mentally checking through my todo list late last Friday I realized that I’d forgotten to pick up the title to my car from the tax collector office, and a major reason from me to drive out to Tucson instead of fly is to deliver my car to my daughter, and she needs the title to register the car in Arizona. So, I have to wait for the tax office to open on Monday (today) to collect the title and be on my way, finally. This mishap wasn’t entirely result of an old brain at work (or not working), I had tried to pick up the title almost two weeks ago, but the bank had forgotten to remove the lien from the title after the car was paid off, a process that takes several days to percolate through the system. I had contacted the bank and initiated the process, I just forgot to follow up.

Initially I was more than a bit miffed at myself for forgetting, but I took heart in two facts:

0. I got a chance to hang out with some friends for a bit
0. I actually had a lot more to do to the house to make it ready for the renter than I realized

That first one was an unexpected pleasure, it’s always good to see friends and I really enjoyed their company. I will missed you all when I’m gone.

Most of the weekend, however, was spent dealing with things that I just didn’t anticipate. For instance, after sodding my backyard I noticed that water began pooling at the gate to the backyard. That meant that there would be a mud puddle there after every rain. Not good. So I installed a paver walkway. I also rearranged the garage to make better use of the space I’m using for storage. Basically, I had more time to do a better job of making my house better for my tenant.

So, it’s now 4 AM or there about on Monday morning. I’ve got the car packed, my bags packed, and the house ready. I’m anticipating arriving in Tucson sometime Wednesday. My son will arrive Thursday. My kids have said they have plans for me to give me a “proper sendoff”. I’m just hoping I don’t get arrested.

Stay tuned,


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