Quick Update: Luderitz!

I guess there’s no rains down in Africa 

After nearly 9 hours sitting on a cramped bus we arrived in Luderitz! Travis, my travel partner and shadowing host, got us off the bus early so we could walk and I heartily thanked him for it.

Our transport 


And no leg room 

Turns out we were about a mile from his flat and the hike was welcomed.

It was dark when we arrived so I couldn’t see much, but high on a hill, proclaiming its location with somewhat less enthusiasm than Hollywood’s, were large lit letters spelling out ‘LUDERITZ’.


So, I’m here and I’m tired, dirty, hungry, and would pay real American dollars for a decent glass of wine. At least I got to eat, shower, and rest. I’ll find that glass of vino with my name posted above it in lit letters, like Luderitz’s but with a bit more gusto, tomorrow.

Stay tuned


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