I’ve been busy…

Yes, I know I haven’t updated this is quite some time, but I have an excuse (though I’ll admit now that it’s not a good excuse).

See, I’ve been busy. Since coming back to the States admit the Covid Pandemic has not been the best situation for a guy who likes to move around. I haven’t been able to travel to see my son, daughter and grandson, and that’s really taken an emotional toll on me. Rather wallow in a pit of despair, I’ve decided to go all in on producing videos.

Earlier this year I started a video project to highlight Orlando, Florida and the surrounding area. I have gigabytes of footage and was in the midst of putting it all together when I had another idea; I needed a road trip. If I stay stationary for too long I get really unsettled. The restriction to travel brought on my the Covid Pandemic had started to loosen and I saw my opportunity. I just needed a goal and a purpose.

When I was in Namibia I had produced a video for my friends at Educators of America, a non-profit dedicated to helping teachers teach. That video focused on teachers in Namibia who Offered their perception of what it is like to teach in Namibia. I think it turned out ok, especially considering that I was fairly new at video production.

The goal of my road trip was to produce a similar video featuring teachers in and around the Buffalo, New York area. I think the resulting video shows some improvement on my production techniques.

While traveling I came upon so many jaw-dropping vistas and had so many encounters with friends that I took gigabytes of video, initially not intending to do anything with it but to preserve the memories, but as my trip progressed I found that I needed to document, then produce something the chronicled my trip. I’ve finished that video today.

Take a look. Hope you enjoy it.

Stay tuned,


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