Why Am I Here?

I’m asked a lot, “Why did you join the Peace Corps?”

Before actually becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) I gave a rote answer, “I was looking for an opportunity to grow and to help.” I’d embellish it a bit, but that was my answer, and it was the truth. I was unsatisfied with my life because I’d become too comfortable. I became restless and felt I needed a drastic change. 

Those who know me know that helping others is part of who I am. If a thing needs doing and it’s possible for me to get it done then I’ll try to do it. If it’s new to me or something outside my comfort zone then all the better, however, you just have to be a bit more open, and maybe even a bit forgiving with the results. 

My friends also know that I am a social person. I enjoy learning about people, having intelligent conversation, and seeing the world from the perspective of others. 

The Peace Corps, then, is perfect for me. 

Now that I am a PCV I can say that the answer for joining is a far simpler question; why wouldn’t I join?

I’ve found that I can make a real and positive difference in the quality of the lives I come in contact with, lives where a change and a chance is needed. And that addresses what I really want in the most profound way, to help just for the sake of helping. 

So, why wouldn’t I be here?

Vern Seward

3 thoughts on “Why Am I Here?

  1. Hi, Vernon! This is your cousin Cookie, Elsie’s daughter. I have been in touch with Alethia often lately; at dinner Saturday, she told me you live the lifestyle of my fantasies; nature and writing are passions we certainly share. I very much look forward to speaking with you!!


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