Oh Well…s

I was supposed to talk about getting up close and personal with my pix because I’d just got the new Olloclip Macro Lenses and I wanted to put them through a nice workout. I fully intended to have a nice cache of cool macros to show off.

That didn’t happen. What did happen was that I got busy doing other things and didn’t even have time to write a new post. Well, I’m making up for that now and while the photos I’m displaying aren’t macros I think they’re pretty good nonetheless.

Lake Eola Fountain in Morning Fog

 This shot was taken with the Olloclip 2x Tele Lens.

In fact, all the fountain shot were taken with that lens. I’ve become a huge fan.

Getting a shot like this is easy really. But you have to be in the right place at the right time. I tend to be near Lake Eola in downtown Orlando a lot and often very early in the morning. So catching the fountain in great morning light is easier for me than most.

Getting a sharp photo in relatively low light is not so easy. I should have had a tripod, but who want to carry that big hunk of metal around? I improvised and  used a short signpost to steady my iPhone. It worked out.

Once I got the shot (using PureShot in TIF mode) I did the post processing in Snapseed on my iPhone. I like that Snapseed offers color filters for black and white. 

You may be wondering where the color is if I used a color filter. 

Back in the old days of film photographers used certain colored filters with black and white film to accentuate the luminosity of certain colors, and that had the effect of enhancing certain details. Snapseed simulates that quite well. The best way to understand it is to take a shot of a subject with lots of different colors, then play with the filters in the black and white setting in Snapseed.

Here are a few more fountain shots.

Again, taken with the Olloclip 2x Tele with PureShot and post processed with Snapseed.

Lake Eola Fountain in Morning Fog


Lake Eola Fountain at Sunrise


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