In the beginning…

We live in a linear universe. Everything has a beginning and an end. In theory anyway. I, for one, am happy that the universe is linear. It’s bad enough to make a mess of my life here, I hate the thought that I might be screwing up in an infinite number of realities at once.

This is my beginning, my first blog. It coincides with other beginnings in my life. And some endings. All happening more or less in parallel, which kinda throws a finger at the linear universe theory.

Be that as it may it behooves me to mention where am I going with this?

People I know and blog tell me I should talk about stuff I know and enjoy. I know several things, but really enjoy photography and my iPhone, so that’s what I intend to talk about here.

There’s already a wealth of iphonography related blogs out there. Why should I create a new one and why should you read it?

Everyone has a unique view of the world. This will be mine. Also, I’m writing this cuz I wanna. Hopefully you’ll read and contribute cuz you wanna. At the end of the day we all could be better iphonographers.

I’ll talk about accessories that I use to get the shots I get. And I’ll talk about apps. Lots of apps.

So, welcome and lets see what we can get into.

“One Summer Morning” (iPhone 5 and Olloclip wide angle lens, cam app: PureShot, post processing app: Snapseed)

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