Life is a Beach

I love the beach. I love the ocean though I will admit to a certain fear of it.

Well, maybe fear isn’t the right word, perhaps respectful awe expresses my feeling better. The song by America says, “The ocean is a desert with its life underground and the perfect disguise above.” It’s an apt description and the beach is an ever changing borderland, a thin strip of sand that separates two completely different worlds.

Yesterday morning I was at my favorite beach, Playalinda. Whenever I’m feeling unsettled, which has been a lot lately, a long (>6 miles) walk on the beach helps settle my mind. And whenever I’m there I like to take a few photos.

When I first arrived the morning sun was being erased by thick low clouds. While a quick check of the weather radar showed no sign of rain, the oppressive grey north of me and a stiff, cool, moisture laden wind from the same direction seemed to promise a different, and somewhat wetter story. The steel grey ocean churned aggressively, splashing sand and ruined shells at my feet as walked.

There were few people out, a handful of fisherfolk and the ever present smattering of surfers. (Do these guys ever go home?)

I had the Olloclip wide angle lens and polarizer on my phone when I shot this. The sky doesn’t look real, but that’s the way it was. I’m curious about the ring of more saturated color at the edge of the shot. I’m not sure if it’s an artifact of the lens, filter, or camera. If it’s a flare then it’s a weird one.


Here it is again, but in this shot the sun isn’t quite as prominent, so now I’m leaning more towards a lens or filter artifact.

It didn’t rain, by the way. The wind blew the clouds away a the sun came out and warmed things up nicely. Another perfect day at the beach.>

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